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The Webmaster's Desk

Below are some links that have been helpful to preparing this site.

:-) The webmaster says, "This page has become so long that links up and down it have been installed, some material has been moved to subsidiary pages. Enjoy your visit, and happy web page weaving!"


First: GET A WEB PAGE! Check for sources at
The Free Webpage Provider Review
WebHost Director
Web Hosters

Second: Take some tutorials. Learn about good web design.

Third: Learn about color and go "GIF-Grazing", then try out some music.

Fourth: Branch out to using tables and frames.
If you use frames, make a second set of pages WITHOUT frames for the
25% of browsers that don't handle them!

Fifth: Bells and Whistles - JavaScript, counters, guestbooks and imagemaps.

Sixth: Validate, Polish and Promote Your Page!

More Important Topics

General Topics Web Community and Legalities Viruses, Spam and the Law Programs and IRC Search Engines

Maybe it's time to visit the Center for On-line Addiction!
Take the quiz and find out whether you need a breather...
And for a look on the lighter side, check out the 12 Keys of Interholics.
An important link at times!!

And remember your loved ones!
Blue Mountain Cards make that easy with online cards you can quickly send.:)
Just click on the appropriate occasion you want to celebrate,
select the card you like the most, personalize it
(scroll down and then type in the appropriate information), and send it.
That's it. There's no cost. No snooping. :)
Sadly, some poor misguided netizens have perpetrated an ugly urban legend about
Blue Mountain, which is entirely untrue. Read about it at
their page or on
Current Net Hoaxes & Rumors.


General Guidance - Lots of Good Stuff for Both Mac and PC's

Places to lurk and learn include the Webmaster's Guild. You will get good tips, some .gifs and hear a lot about Microsoft products at Site Builder Network HTML Writers Guild
HTML Writers Guild: WWW Resources
HTML Writers Guild: WWW Resources/Useful URLs
Welcome to BrowserWatch Includes info on browsers, plug-ins and Active X

Arachnophilia This site is wonderful!
    The HTML editor is one of the best, and the price is a very unique concept, CAREWARE!

Creating Net Sites
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Review
HTML 3.2 Features At a Glance
Web Page Builder's Resources Christian!
Webreference.com - The Webmaster's References
server.com WebApps
The Digital Postcard
Department of Computer Science
Welcome to Netscape

Join the Langa List!This service will help you
    learn about the net, avoid security problems, and even...
    have some fun!!
Acronym and abbreviation list
And, even better, try the Acronym Finder (The search box is in the upper right-hand corner)
Yahoo Internet Magazine
NetLingo The Internet Language Dictionary
ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
YIL Surf Lingo

To find a specific mailing list, a good starting point is the list of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (PAML). Here you'll find links to hundreds of topics, each with at least one mailing list. (Some topics - parenting, for instance - have dozens of lists.) PAML also lets you locate lists by keyword search.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows


Being Responsible to the Web Community and Legal Issues

Good webmastering includes some responsibilites to the WWW communitiy.
Think about some of these issues while you visit
W3C - the World Wide Web Consortium
Web Guard
Free Speech With Responsibility - Green Ribbon
The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

Newsgroups and email lists request that you TURN OFF HTML in your email program.
Here's how!

Check out "warnings" before you send them on!
Current Net Hoaxes & Rumors. See more helps here.

Help Keep Kids Safe!

Microsoft SafeKids The Web site features a free PowerPoint presentation, complete with in-depth lecture notes and a teacher's guide, developed by detectives who specialize in Internet crimes. The powerpoints are HUGE, take up to ten minutes to download by 28.8 modem. But they ARE good, and worth it. Visit the teacher's guide page (there is a link to it on the SafeKids Web site), print it, and read it. You can obtain a free PowerPoint Viewer here. Turn the request to Power Point and click the box for converters and viewers and click UPDATE LIST. Then you can download.

Legalities that CAN Matter

Ralph Losey's Law Web - PRACTICAL AND LEGAL
Cyberspace Law Center

Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright Good site about copyright!
This is based around the copyright law and put in place for people researching genealogy through the net. There are many request sites on the net and everyday people looking for information. Many have asked if the information passed on is an infringement of copyright and so this home page has been developed so all have a chance to find out where they stand.

10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Copyright Website

Evaluating what you find!

Evaluating Internet Research Sources
Evaluation of Information Sources

Citing it properly!

APA and MLA Citation Guide
A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources


Treating (and AVOIDING!) Viruses

Virology is another tool the webmaster needs. Some good resources are:
Doug Muth's Anti-virus page.
Henri Delger's Virius Help

CIAC will send you email bulletins!
CIAC Internet Hoaxes

Computer Virus Help on Prodigy
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
International Antivirus Site
SARC - Virus Hoaxes
Its the End of the World (as we know it)
Urban Legends Reference Pages
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Computer Virus Myths home page
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies

Join the Fight Against Spam!
Story How to Play Hardball With Spammers
Story Spam Attack These Sites
Spam, Scams and Relevant Resources
Story: Wham, Bam, No More Spam. How to Avoid

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Some Programs for the Web and Web-Weaving

Want to try Chat? Check out the "#mIRC Info Center". E-Mail can be found at EUDORA.. And of course you want to Get to Yahoo Faster!. Do you know anyone who hasn't been to TUCOWS! :-)) ! You can also get to WinZip Home Page and find a way to skinny down those files! (WinZip Frequently Asked Questions) And for those using Windows 95, there is always Windows95.com.

The Operator's Guide
A Short IRC Primer
Welcome to the AfterNET IRC Network

Alexa for webmasters

Search Engines and Directories

AltaVista Technology, Inc.
Welcome to Lycos
Welcome to Dogpile
Deja News
Netscape Net Search
Yahoo! People Search
Ancestry Library Search



WebCounter Creation Page
Stat Trax Professional Main Page
Web Counters and Trackers


Dreambook Free Guestbook Server
Guestbooks - Glacier
ABCtec - Home of TOAST Guestbooks

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CKWS - Tables: Overview
PC Magazine (10/24/95) Tables for Your Home Page
HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0: The TABLE Element
Tables in Netscape 1.1
Tables: Design assistance for organizing data and highlighting information

Webmonkey Teaching Tool includes tables, frames and lots more!



HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0: Frames
THE Netscape Frames Tutorial(tm) - NewbieNET
Frames -An Introduction

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Matt's Script Archive
Netscape Tutorial on JavaScript
JavaScript for the total NonProgrammer VERY clear!
Timothy's JavaScript Index
JavaScript Linkfinder
24 Hour JavaScript
Info Hiway Cut + Paste JavaScript
BUILDER.COM - Web programming - adding cookies

Dave's Collection of CGI Links
Java Sun



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