Work is a balance to the prayer life of the monk. It is also an important part of keeping the monastery self sufficient and "afloat" financially. The Holy Rule asks that all monasteries be self-sufficient, so monks have studied the arts of tending animals and earth for centuries.

Work with us in shops and barns, fishery, woods and fields. Join us as we grow flowers and food in the Cloister gardens, and prepare food and share it in the Refectory. There is also a pottery, a spinning and weaving shed, and a wood shop.

The Cellarer oversees the business dealings of the community.


The Refectory, where Good things are eaten, and the door to the kitchens!
Wild Foods!

The Cellarer's Office

The Weaving Shed
The Pottery Shed
The Woodworker's Shed

The Cloister Gardens
The Potting Shed
The Fields
The Woodlot

The Barns
The Wool-Bearing Flocks
The Dairy and Beef Lots
The Poultry Flocks

Help us design our buildings!
We are STILL looking for the right place to build!
We hope to use 'renewable' energy from sun and wind.
Careful management of water and waste will be important.
The environment deserves our care and concern.

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