Holidays at Hosea House !!

Holidays are times of fun, rejoicing, and at times,
solemnity in the monastery. We invite you to peek
in on the ways holidays are celebrated
by the folks of Hosea House. You will find many blessings here
Lay people, including nuns and monks, may bless many ways.
(We hope you bless your children every day!)
Hopefully your own
celebrations will be more
joyful and sometimes more profound
for having shared ours. Don't forget to check out
The Saints through the Year and
The Liturgical Year for more
information and customs!

Only the holidays approaching or immediately past will be shown HERE,
for anticipation is a great part of the fun!
Our Advent Area

Visit us for Christmas

Happy New Year!
February 2, Candlemas Day
Valentine Wishes for you!
Saint Patrick
Prepare for Easter
Easter customs, preparations and links

Mother's Day
Memorial Day
Father's Day
Fouth of July (USA)
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day

Some interesting links about holidays

An Assortment of Holidays on the Net
And more assorted holidays
Religious Christmas Music on the Net
Dickens Christmas Carol
An Illustrated Version of A Christmas Carol
About Christmas Trees
And more about Christmas Trees
Some history, crafts and foods for Easter
Wonderful Links to follow for the 4th of July
Some history, customs and foods for Thanksgiving

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