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The Community Room

.... a place of laughter! Here is where many varieties of temporary tasks occur, but more importantly, here is where the community gathers to PLAY! Each day there is a time set aside for 'recreation'. Recreation is a very necessary part in any life, and no less so here. Birthday parties and holidays, games, silliness and conversation...

Recreation is also a time for pursuing personal interests.

Perhaps you are a cat lover? or do you prefer the companionship of a dog? We will be adding to these pages, so check back :)

Books to Enjoy! On chilly winter nights, popcorn can be popped, and books shared or read in companionable silence.. Some suggestions are here!


As time passes, more invitations for play will appear here. And don't forget to "therapeutically massage your liver" (i.e., laugh) if you visit Nettie's Lair!

Also take a look at our animals, gardening, cooking, weaving, pottery and woodworking by going HERE!

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